Form submissions

With Fetch Forms you get to choose what to do with the data people submit to your forms. Our goal is to make working with form incredibly easy, but still allow you to have full control over the functionality.

You can save form submissions to Fetch Form if you'd like. In the future there will be a webhook and integrations so you can connect the submitted data to other platforms easily.

You can get a form's submissions through an API request. We also provide a few simple analytics to give you some insight into the success of your form.

Saving a form submission to the cloud

In the settings of a form you can mark the form for being saved to the cloud. This setting is a simple flag so that your code and teammates will know if this form should send submissions to Fetch Forms.

To save a submission to Fetch Forms make an API request like this

Listing form submissions

The data in Fetch Forms is your data - we want to make sure you can access it whenever you need.

To get the submissions for a form make the request below with an API token.