The Fetch Form Manifesto

Empowering Developers

Feb 27, 2020

With all the complexity of the internet - the Fetch Forms mission is quite simple: to empower developers through tooling and products. 

Every day, developer add their unique contributions to the worldwide web through creative problem-solving. Whether they're on the frontend, backend, or anything in between, everyone does their part to keep systems running and push technology forward. 

As the demand for quickly built beautiful and functional websites increases, developers are beginning to compete with no-code and low-code solutions. I don’t think the demand for developer-built websites will ever go away completely, but no and low-code platforms will continue to provide fast and inexpensive alternatives.

To remain competitive, developers need to adapt and begin seeking out no and low-code services that help them build and manage highly functional web applications. If less time can be spent on repetitive and boilerplate tasks, websites will be completed faster and more time can be spent on the unique features of it.

That’s where apps like Fetch Forms come in. I built this platform to empower developers to spend more time on the primary functions of their websites.
Using a headless architecture, Fetch Forms provides a solution that will improve development speed and quality by serving forms-as-data and giving the developer 100% control of rendering the form and handling submissions. All while providing helpful tooling to make rendering and and submission management as easy as possible.

I think the future of the web is headless. I think the future of the web is all about developers and what they build. 

- Luke