Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.
What is Fetch Forms
Fetch Forms is an API driven, or headless, form builder and form backend service for developers and businesses who work with code.

The Fetch form builder is designed to build forms quickly while providing flexible controls to tailor each form perfectly. The form backend service provides a way to collect and validate form submissions, then connect them to other platforms through managed integrations.

The API provides a simple way for developers to get, submit, and validate a form. We also have code libraries in a few popular frontend frameworks that make working with Fetch Forms in-code really simple.
How is Fetch Forms different than Typeform or Jotform?
While traditional form builders like Typeform or Jotform provide a great experience, their developer tools are lacking or completely non-existent.

Fetch Forms is focused on providing tools that help developers build and use high quality HTML forms in their code. Non-technical users can build and configure forms, but most of our tools for sharing a form are developer focused.
How is Fetch Forms different than Formspree?
Formspree and other form backend services are great for replacing a custom server-side integration for your forms. But you still have to hand build each form since these services don't help you build, validate, or format your form and form fields.

Fetch Forms will act as a backend service with server-side validation and spam checking, but it also will help you build and render forms by providing frontend code libraries in addition to a traditional form builder.
Can I use Fetch Forms with.... (insert your platform or tool here)
Fetch Forms is incredibly flexible and can be used in any application that can make an API call. Developers can build a custom integration from a Fetch form, use one of our client side libraries like React or vanilla Javascript, or use the embed script to add a form to an application.
Do I have to know to how to code?
Yes and no.

The Fetch forms builder doesn't require any programming knowledge and can be used by teams and individuals without technical know-how. Non-developers can even add forms to their web-based tools with an embed script.

A developer is required to implement a form using the API and client side libraries. But between the embed script and flexibility of the form builder, we think that Fetch Forms will empower cross-functional teams to build and manage forms to the highest degree.